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Our staff doctors guide you through the Medical Internet, journal articles, and other resources for professionals and patients. This is the official site of the MEDQUEST TV show and the host of medical search engines.

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The New York City Ballet Workout : Fifty Stretches and Exercises Anyone Can Do for a Strong, Graceful, and Sculpted Body
Partner Yoga : Making Contact for Physical, Emotional, and spiritual Growth
The Art of Makeup
Body for Life: 12 Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength

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Women's Health

Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing; Christiane Northrup; 1996 Audio $15.25 Rank: 35K bullet   Mental Health Learning Center for Women - Learn about mental conditions affecting women, such as anxiety and depression.
bullet   Breast Cancer Risk Lower than Women Think - Find out about breast cancer screening and general information relating to gynecological issues.
bullet   A Guide to Osteoporosis - Discover preventative measures and causes of osteoporosis, a disease that affects mostly women.
bullet   Keys to success in exercise - Receive exercise tips and learn techniques to safely maximize your workout.
bullet  Massage Therapy at Rubs.org
bullet   Women's Health Glossary - Use this guide to reference medical terms regarding women's wellness.
bullet   Women's Health Preventative Care Guidelines - Schedule your medical appointments according to this handy guide dealing with women's health issues.
Fit and Fabulous after 40:A 5-Part Program for Turning Back the Clock; Denise Austin; 2001 Hardcover $19.96 bullet   Passive Smoking and Lung Cancer - Read about the dangers of secondhand smoke and its effects on lung and breast cancer.
bullet   Nation's Health Data and Statistics - Get acquainted with the realities and statistics regarding national health issues relating to women.
bullet   Frequently Asked Questions about Women's Health - Get answers to the more common health questions women face today.
bullet   General Women's Health - Research nearly any medical topic that concerns women.

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The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis Rating:4

The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis is one of the world's leading programs aimed at developing effective treatments--and eventually a cure--for paralysis. It was founded in 1985 by Dr. Barth Green, a leading researcher in the field. The Miami Project does not provide care or treatment, but it does enroll those crippled by paralysis as test subjects in its many experimental treatment programs. Basic details about the program are available on this website, along with background information on spinal cord injury (SCI). The "Research" link leads to one-paragraph summaries of the many research endeavors that the project has undertaken and plans to undertake; it also outlines what the scientists at this center see as the "Five Steps to a Cure." Details are available on the Lois Pope Life Center, a new interdisciplinary facility at the University of Miami Medical School that is devoted to the study of all neurological problems. The link to the Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis provides background information on this effort of a former professional football player whose son became paralyzed following a spinal cord injury; all funds raised by this group are delivered to the Miami Project. The "Library" links leads to a comprehensive archive of the project's newsletters, complete with detailed articles summarizing happenings and events and plenty of photos. The calendar of events lists activities happening in Miami and nationwide, with an emphasis on fundraising activities. Site is thorough and neatly designed. Detailed contact information for each of the project's departments is available for those who would like further information.

Purpose: Reference.   Audience: Health consumer/Patients.   Reference index: 307   Price: Web site is free.

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Take Time for Your Life : A Personal Coach's Seven-Step Program for Creating the Life You Want
3-Minute Abs: Achieving the Look You've Always Wanted in Only 3 Minutes a Day


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